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This is not your average
Leadership course.

No classroom, no whiteboard.

This is powerful. This is proven.

Your classroom is an arena.

Your facilitator is a master horseman.

Your teacher is a horse.

Your results are immediate.

No Riding Involved.       
No Horse Experience Necessary.     




In this one day course you will learn tools to effectively deal with difficult situations. The course is designed to take you out of your comfort zone, developing your communication and leadership qualities.


The horse will help you identify your strengths and your weaknesses, helping you to understand and deal with your emotions and the causes of your actions. You will see your own own behaviour reflected back through the horse.


The training and development received in this course provides stability throughout your organisation.

Catering and/or Accommodation can be arranged, please contact us for more information.

For groups up to 12 people. Larger groups by arrangement.



Gavin Morison has been on and around horses all his life.


Gavin is regarded as a Master Horseman. He has many years of experience teaching people about horses and how this relates to themselves in all area's of Life.    


Gavin has earned a reputation for his ability to communicate his skills to people with Honesty,Integrity, and Empathy.    


You can expect a warm welcome to his picturesque property set above the river in the  Ruakokopatuna Valley near Martinborough.        


Course developed with the support of a very experienced psychologist.

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The Director, Institute for
Leader Development


New Zealand Defence Force

Leadership is fundamentally about relationships, and how our behaviour and demeanour influence others. Through the use of horses Gavin was able to emphasise the importance of a leaders behaviour, in an extremely insightful and highly memorable experiential learning activity.

The lessons he elicited through individual interaction with a horse helped underline and reinforce the learning outcomes of our own leadership development programme.

  Embassey of Switzerland

When the ambassador came up with
the idea of spending our annual team building event at Ruakokopatuna with Gavin and his horses, there were more  skeptical faces than convinced ones as none of us have ever dealt with horses.
But having the chance to be taught by Gavin was a once in a lifetime opportunity not to be missed out. Leadership is interaction with others and what we learned with our horses was acquiring basics of interaction through working
with them. Gavin not only taught us how
to lead a horse, but also the principles of leadership. The teaching was done in a non-stressful, safe and fun environment. The end of the day came all to quick but
we still apply to the day what we learned.


Thank you Gavin for having us over
and for all the wise advice you gave.



Louise Millar


NZ Government Agency Training Team

Gavin's course was truly inspirational. His calm and engaging nature meant he was able to deliver a functional toolkit to build genuine trust and respect, applicable to a range of challenging situations. Although the course primarily focused on enhancing a participant's ability to lead and mentor others, the lessons learnt can be applied
to almost any circumstance in life where guiding others as a leader, manager, mentor or parent is required.
Anyone wanting to improve their leadership style or interpersonal skills NEEDS to attend one of Gavin's courses.

Renee Snellgrove

HR Director, Tranzit Group

Having the chance to be taught by Gavin was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  We really valued the lessons learnt from dealing with his horses and how this reflects back to our worklife situations. We would highly recommend this activity for all groups who want to learn more confidence, trust and leadership skills and Gavin is a great mentor. You can see he has a real understanding of these majestic animals.

Belinda Slement


Surf Life Saving

Gavin and his team provided our staff with a unique session using horses to teach some fundamental leadership skills.  At the start we had some hesitation to enter the ring but by the end of the session all staff gave it a go and really enjoyed it. I would recommend this
to any company who is looking to do some leadership development with their staff which is
a bit ‘outsidethe box’.  Thanks heaps Gavin. 





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Shelley, Brynn and Maya

When I first came I could not see how you could relate horses to people in such a way. It was amazing how many different aspects of leading a horse were so similar to leading people." Brynn 14 years old `Your program is great! It teaches you skills that all kids and adults should know. The importance of leadership needed for a horse is remarkable and I can see how it is related to real life situations and how humans deal with it. `

"Do as little as possible, but as much as needed" was the quote of the day. At first it sounded like a riddle, but over the day I started to understand it. Start a little, if it doesn't work do a little more. It was amazing how much horses are like people, stubborn, loving, caring, lazy etc.


Thank you so much for this experience - Maya 12 years old.

This was a fantastic opportunity to provide important life and communication skills for our whole family. All of us took something different but incredibly relevant away from the day. It was great to watch how and what my children learnt from the horses. Lessons that we having been trying to instill in our children suddenly became instant when 'taught' by the horse. Gavin is incredibly knowledgeable and his delivery is perfect. Many thanks Shelley (mum)